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Here is what we offer:

Services - The first feature in the list is that with what kind of online parcel companies we deal in and those companies are USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT and many more. If you are having your parcel being carried to your home from any of the above-listed parcel service provider, then you would be able to track your shipment with the help of our website easily.

Pure & straightforward- Here's the next important factor that is mostly missing in several such shipment tracking websites, and that is you would be able to track your parcel simply. Which means that you will not face any issues in tracking your packages. Moreover, working with our website is highly effective and easy; you have to put the tracking id and click on the track button.
Hence you would be able to know about your shipment tracking details easily.

Faster- As we have already mentioned that with the help of MyPackage.is, you would be able to track your shipment easily without any chaos and in a faster way. Moreover, it has a great feature of providing you real-time data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track my international parcel from MyPackage.is?
The one and the only way to track your international parcel with the help of our site is to get the tracking number of your online package that you need to fill in the tracking details corner from our homepage. Once you have filled the tracking number, then click on track button, and hence within no time, you would be able to get your online parcel tracked and along with that you would also be able to know that on what date and time you would be able to receive your package.

What are the steps that come under tracking a parcel on MyPackage.is?
There are several stages that you would be able to notice while tracking a parcel with the help of MyPackage.is and those stages are as follows-
  • Pending - Here is the first step in which you would be able to know that the shipping partner packs your parcel, and it is going to be shipped soon.
  • Arrival at the facility - In the next stage, you would be able to notice that your parcel will arrive at the facility of the shipping partner nearby your actual destination.
  • Processed - Once received, then it goes under several processing stages, and once done, this stage is considered as processed.
  • Tendered - In this stage, the parcel is sent to a new facility from where the next step of delivery would be done.
  • Processing through sort facility - Here at this stage, your parcels are sorted out, and similar parcels are sent to one distributor who is responsible to deliver your products to your home.
  • Sorting complete - Once the sotring is completed, then our parcels have to face the last step, and that is the delivery stage.
  • Delivered - Here at the last step, you would be able to get your parcel delivered within no time.

Which carriers are supported by MyPackage.is?
We support a lot of carriers. Here is the list of a few -
  • support@homavo.com
  • MyPackage.is a convenient way to track your packages online. This All-in-one service is FREE and available for the following carriers:
  • USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, CanadaPost, OnTrac

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